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Follow-On Opportunities for Past Assistants to the Chairman

Past participants have consistently attained high-level positions across the firm. Within Raymond James, former Assistants to the Chairman currently hold the following positions:

  • Chief Administrative Officer of RJF; President of Asset Management Group (Wharton '91)
  • Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Strategic Planning (Booth '98)
  • President, Carillon Tower Advisers (Wharton '01)
  • Managing Director of European Equities (Texas ’03)
  • COO/Senior Managing Director, US & European ECM (Wharton ’04)
  • Chief Risk Officer for Private Client Group & Asset Management (Kellogg '07)
  • Chief Risk Officer for Banking, Finance, & Treasury (HBS ’08)
  • SVP, Head of Financial Institutions Division (Texas ’08)
  • SVP, RJA Regional Director (Booth ’09)
  • SVP, of Finance; Treasurer & Head of Investor Relations (Columbia ’10)
  • SVP, Investment Banking (Kellogg '11)
  • President of Scout Investments (Columbia '12)
  • VP, Investment Banking (UVA Darden '12)
  • VP, Strategic Accounts (Kellogg '13)
  • VP, Corporate Risk Management - Products (Booth '14)
  • VP, Strategy & Product Development - Asset Management Group (Stern '14)
  • VP, Asset Management Technology & Operations (UVA Darden '16)
  • VP, Capital Planning and Financial Analysis - CTA (Columbia '16)
  • VP, Strategic Initiatives – Private Client Group (Kellogg ’17)
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We are now accepting applications for the 2020 Assistant to the Chairman fulltime and internship positions. Please click the links below for more information.

2020 Assistant to the Chairman application

2020 Summer Assistant to the Chairman Internship application